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Astra Series – AT011
  • Multiple ways to unlock
  • USB Type-C port & mechanical keys for power drained situation
  • One-time passcode
  • Doorbell
  • Waterproof
  • Automatic locking
  • Trial and error locking alarm
  • Tamper alarm
  • Low battery human voice reminder
  • Long-lasting battery life


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“I love my smart lock! It has transformed the way I secure and access my home, providing convenience, security, and peace of mind.”
Gary H
Technical Details
Innovative Solutions for Smart Living
Aluminium Alloy Body
Matte Coffee Brown
Unlock Methods
IC Card, Fingerprint, Passcode, Mechanical Key, App Remote Control
App Option
Administrator Capacity
300 (Fingerprint+Passcode+ IC Card )
Fingerprint Sensor
Door Type
All doors except the glass doors
Door Thickness
≥ 38mm
Mortise Type
Mortise Material
304 Stainless Steel
Power Supply
4 - 8 x AA Batteries
Operating Temperature
-25℃ - 60℃
Operating Humidity
20% - 90%RH
Human Voice
Package Size
460 x 260 x 120mm Package Weight: 3.85kg
Luxurious Appearance

The Keliss Smart Lock Astra AT011 isn’t your typical smart lock, it absolutely stands out! In just one glance, you will notice how it seamlessly blends luxury with functionality. Adorned in a captivating matte coffee brown hue, it effortlessly complements any door, transcending style boundaries. Since it is moisture-proof and built using strong materials, it can safely withstand even a rainstorm and not develop rust.

Emergency Charging

With the Keliss Smart Lock, you never need to fear being locked out due to a drained battery again! With its convenient USB Type-C port for emergency charging, simply connect a power bank to regain access to your property even when the primary battery is depleted. Trust Keliss Smart Lock to keep you securely in control, no matter the circumstances.

Remote Control

Unlock a new era of convenience and security with a remote control app. Effortlessly manage your smart lock from anywhere, granting or revoking access with a simple tap on your smartphone. With One-time passcodes, your smart lock generates unique, time-limited codes for each visitor, ensuring optimal security and reassurance.

Double Assurance
Mechanical Key

At Keliss, exceeding your security expectations is our utmost priority. That’s why we’ve meticulously designed a smart lock with a hidden keyhole, offering you double assurance. The mechanical keys provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring your complete peace of mind.