Keliss Living Home Co., LTD is one of China’s largest interior designers and manufacturers. Founded in 1994, Keliss has been a proud supplier of interior items for luxury hotel construction projects such as Hilton, Marriott, Boudl, Sofitel, and more.

Currently equipped with infrastructure of over USD 76 Million and a highly skilled workforce of over 1,500, including 20 qualified master class engineers, 122 graduate engineers, a multinational research and development team, and a well-trained and motivated staff, Keliss Living Home continues to provide high-end luxury interior solutions at affordable price points.
To keep up with growing global demand while ensuring premium quality, Keliss Smart has adopted an automated production process. Combining process automation and a skilled workforce yields nothing short of impeccable smart solutions that you can trust.
Over the years, Keliss Smart has been servicing a diverse clientele, including luxury hotels and mega construction projects. Keliss weaves excellence into every stage of the process, from conception to design, and from manufacturing to quality assurance.
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