Published : February 10, 2023

Why choose Smart Toilets

Also known as shower toilets, smart toilets are increasingly becoming the latest companion of smart people. They come in to complement other smart technologies like smartphones, computers, thermostats, alarms, and other intelligent devices. Keliss T 16 Smart Toilet is specially crafted to incorporate the most advanced features of modern living such as:

Smart Solutions Backed by Global Guarantee!

Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet boast proven quality rooted in global accreditation. They are both produced in a fully certified state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. The manufacturing process is backed by both American quality standards (FCC, DOE, and CEC) and European quality standards (CE and RoHS) for your peace of mind. Thanks to the solid industry and global reputation, Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet also come with friendly and attentive aftersales service plus a 2-year limited warranty! Ready to get started with smart living routines? Contact us today to learn more about our wide-ranging smart solutions.

Easy Installation Video Guide

Keliss T 16 Advanced Smart Toilet comes with paper back user manual with clear instructions. In addition, here is step by step installation video.

Smart Manufacturing for Smart People

To keep up with a huge global demand while ensuring premium quality, Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet production adopts an automated process. Combining process automation and a skilled workforce yields nothing short of impeccable smart solutions that you can trust.

Best Production Quality

Taken through exceptional manufacturing standards, Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet only ooze superior quality. As you use the products, you get to experience the highest bathroom efficiency.

The Best-in-class Service

Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet have been designed with industry best practices in mind. That’s how our smart design guarantees the best user experience.

5-Star Standards

Hinged on industry-wide experience and evolving trends, Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet are designed to exceed customer expectations. Thus, using the smart products promises a high-end experience second to none.

Our Valuable Partners

Over the years, Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet have become a darling to a diverse clientele. From luxury hotels to mega construction projects, this smart duo continues to wow many thanks to the clever design. Our clients find Keliss Smart Toilet and Smart Bidet trustworthy because we weave excellence into every product stage right from conception, design, and manufacturing, to quality assurance.