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Smart Toilet Series – T16

Keliss Smart Toilet is equipped with advanced AI technology that allows it to sense your presence and respond accordingly.

  • Proximity sensor
  • Double outlet nozzles
  • UV – C sterilisation
  • Warm seat and warm air drying
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Auto deodorisation


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"The Keliss Smart Toilet is truly high-end. The high-tech functionality, and a truly futuristic atmosphere here, and my home feels like a five-star hotel. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!"
Technical Details
Please consult Keliss for the 220V version (only available for wholesale).
Item Shape
Item Dimension
680 mm x 400 mm x 465 mm
Power Cord Length
About 1.5m(59.1”)
Body Material
Seat Material Type
Rated Voltage And Frequency
100 - 130V, 50/60hz
Rated Power
1100w - 1600w
Waterproof Level
Flush Consumption
Flushing Mode
Siphon Jet
305mm (12”)
Water Supply Temperature
20℃ - 41.7℃ / 68℉ - 107℉
Ambient Temperature
3℃ - 40℃ / 37.4℉ - 104℉
Water Supply Pressure
0.15 Mpa(Dynamic) - 0.75 Mpa(Static
Installation Method
Floor Mounted
Net Weight
About 37.3kg (About 82.2 Lb)
Included Components
Keliss Smart Toilet T16, Remote Controller, User Manual, Installation Accessories.
Innovative Features
Double Outlet Nozzle

Enjoy various washing modes innovated by Keliss Smart Toilet, that not only provides comfort, but also ensures hygiene. The stainless steel nozzle automatically cleans itself after each use, ensuring it’s always prepared for the next user. You would be surprised at the nozzle’s flexibility during the washing process. You have full control to manually adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and nozzle position, allowing you to customise the experience to your liking. By indulging in the oscillating wash with a continuous warm water flow, you’ll feel as if you’re enjoying a luxurious massage. Additionally, the toilet includes a warm-air drying function, reducing your reliance on toilet paper.

Superior Hygienic
UV-C Sterilisation

Keliss Smart Toilet goes above and beyond to ensure optimal hygiene. Harmful bacteria and pathogens do not stand a chance with our UV-C ultraviolet disinfection function. Emitting ultraviolet rays at a precise wavelength of 253.7 nm, our smart toilet destroys the DNA base pairs of microorganisms, leaving your toilet germ-free. In fact, our germicidal rate reaches an impressive 99.9%, effectively eliminating bacteria from every corner of the toilet. While brushes may leave behind some bacteria, our advanced disinfection technology guarantees a superior level of hygiene. During the toilet’s operation, it continuously eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, leaving no room for harmful microorganisms to thrive. Let our automatic AI system take care of all the hard work, so you can enjoy a truly hassle-free and germ-free bathroom experience.

Modern Technology
PID Control Technology

1. Warm Water Supply
Get your desired water temperature in a fraction of a second. The nozzle provides an endless supply of warm water in an energy-saving mode, ensuring you have as much as you need.
2. Warm Seat
Whether it’s summer or winter, Keliss Smart Toilet keeps you warm and comfortable with its four levels of temperature adjustment. The power-saving mode helps maintain ambient temperature when idle, and it’s equipped with a thermal fuse for added safety, eliminating concerns about malfunctioning.

3. Warm-Air Drying
Experience exceptional comfort after the cleansing process with the gentle flow of warm air. Traditional tissue cleaning cannot compete with the cleanliness and comfort offered by Keliss Smart Toilet. Whether you reside in a condo or a castle, you can fully enjoy this futuristic comfort.

Diverse Benefits
State of the Art Functions

Remote Control
Wall-mounted installation, with smart memory, such as remembering your favourite presets. Simply press the button of your favourite user profile.

Easy Side Control
Specially designed for your convenience. The most-used functions will launch with a simple slide or press, making it easier to use for children and the elderly.

Automatic Deodorisation
Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation where your loved ones or guests have to use the bathroom right after you’ve had a less-than-pleasant experience? Or perhaps you are in a rush and desperately need to use the bathroom after someone else has left an unpleasant odour behind. We have all been there, and it’s not a pleasant feeling. That is where Keliss Smart Toilet comes to the rescue!

Keliss Smart Toilet offers a solution that will leave you feeling fresh, comfortable, and confident in any situation. The secret lies in our activated carbon deodorant system, which automatically kicks into action, eliminating foul odours and ensuring a refreshing environment. No longer will you have to wait for the unpleasant odour to disappear naturally or rely on sprays and air fresheners to mask the smell.

LED Night Light
With Keliss Smart Toilet, using the toilet at night is made more convenient. Simply press the side button, and the built-in LED nightlight will offer just the right amount of gentle illumination to safeguard your nighttime vision, preserving a serene atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Digital Indicator
With the digital indicator on top, Keliss ensures that you stay well-informed about important details, including water temperature and seat temperature, among others.

Intelligent Foaming
Offering multiple advantages such as:

  1. Anti-fouling layer with a pleasant smell
  2. Splash-proofing
  3. An aesthetic appearance