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Pathos Series – PT002
  • High-precision fingerprint sensor
  • Emergency Unlock
  • USB Type-C port for power drained situation
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery
  • IP54 waterproof
  • Low-power alert


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“A great invention to protect belongings.”
Kim J
Technical Details
Innovative Solutions for Smart Living
Zinc alloy + Carbon steel plating
Unlock Method
Emergency Unlock Method
Morse code
Fingerprint Capacity
False Recognition Rate
Waterproof Grade
Mortise Material
Aluminum alloy
Lock Beam Material
Carbon steel
Operating Voltage
DC 3.4-5.2V
Power Supply
USB Type-C port charging
Operating Temperature
-10℃ - 50℃
Application Scenarios
Lockers, Gates and Fences, Toolboxes, Luggage and Travel Bags, Conjunction with chains or cables to secure bicycles, Lockable Cabinets.
Package Size
105x 75x 18 mm
Package Weight
Morse Code

With the Keliss Smart Lock Pathos-PT002, we’ve thought of every scenario to ensure the best user experience. While the fingerprint area is highly durable, in the rare event of any damage, we’ve prepared a backup plan just for you. With the Morse code emergency unlock feature, the smart lock system intelligently records your unique finger-tapping patterns, providing an alternative method for unlocking in any situation. Why go for ordinary padlocks when you can have the extraordinary?

High precision
Fingerprint Sensor

Keliss Smart Padlock boasts high-precision fingerprint recognition even when your fingers are wet. With the ability to store up to 10 fingerprints, granting access to trusted individuals has never been so easy and flexible.


Crafted with a strong carbon steel lock beam and a sturdy zinc alloy body, the Keliss Smart Padlock is virtually unbreakable. Rest easy knowing that your valuables are safeguarded by the finest security technology. Its robust construction and advanced fingerprint sensor provide unparalleled protection against tampering and unauthorized access.

A Smart Solution

Versatility meets convenience. Whether it’s securing your personal items or protecting valuable equipment, Keliss Smart Padlock adapts seamlessly to any situation. From lockers to gates, toolboxes to travel bags, or lockable cabinets, this padlock is the ultimate all-in-one security solution.