Published : February 10, 2023

Introducing Keliss Smart Solutions

Keliss Living Home Co., LTD as one of the largest interior designers and manufacturers, has attained a prestigious position among luxury interior suppliers globally, established in China and founded in 1994, Keliss has been a proud supplier of interior items for luxury hotel construction projects such as Hilton, Marriot, Boudl, and Sofitel, including the famous Ashely Furniture chain in the USA, and a dozen more.

Why Choose Keliss?

Boasting over 28 years in interior décor manufacturing and serving a global clientele, Keliss smart solutions are not only trustworthy but also continuously evolving. Keliss smart products have been well tested in multiple markets proving to have the best functions and qualities, and yet, keep the innovative spirits.

So far, we`ve been dedicated to smart toilets and bidets, smart mirrors, and smart locks. As the concept of ‘smart home’ sweeping globally, humans are rapidly adopting smart technology for daily life, innovation and pivots became the crucial keys to Keliss Living Home. We are exploring more advanced technologies and products. Futuristic Design KeliSSmart products are designed for the highest quality functionality, ergonomics, and comfort, creating a cutting-edge futuristic bathroom experience.

Affordable Pricing

While our pricing is competitive enough to match the high-end technology infusion, it is also reasonable enough to provide superior satisfaction without detracting from your business budget. With additional smart options and features, you can make full use of your expenditure, in the meantime, acquiring happy clients with full futuristic home experiences.

Strict Packaging

Show the pics of how workers do packaging jobs.

You Get More Than What You Pay For!

Keliss Smart products are committed to complementing users` smart lifestyles. From advanced options to intuitive power savings, our smart products boast tons of intelligent features to modernize residential homes, office buildings, hotels, airports, etc.